Frequently Asked Questions

How many large scale assessments have been conducted by PEAS? Top
PEAS have conducted 06 large scale assessments by now.
How can I join PEAS? Top
Core of the PEAS faculty is transferred from School Education Department, whereas supporting staff is recruited through selection by advertisement.
Does PEAS assess all the students? Top
To assess, PEAS selects the students randomly through sampling techniques.
Does PEAS assess all the public and private schools? Top
Currently PEAS assesses public sector schools only.
At which school level PEAS conducts assessments studies? Top
PEAS conducts assessments at primary, middle, high and higher secondary school levels.
Which are the target subjects of PEAS? Top
Mathematics, Science, Language (Urdu), English and Social Studies are the target subjects of PEAS.
Who supports PEAS in developing assessment instruments? Top
PEAS gets help from subject specialists, teachers, university academicians and experts from the organizations involved in the educational assessment [NEAS, PEACEs, AEACEs, NGOs, sister organizations like DSD, PEC, PTB, DPIs, Education Department].
From where PEAS is funded for its assessments activities? Top
School Education Department, The Government of Punjab provides funds for PEAS assessment activities and salary component.