Education is an essential part of a society; therefore it requires extra attention and focus. Some standards are required to be defined and pursued through development of policies, strategies and plans which target to refine the quality and level of education. Monitoring of teacher quality, curriculum and pedagogy, textbooks, assessment and evaluation approaches, and learning environment and facilities can help in enhancing the educational standards. Recent researches show that close to two third of children’s performance in early schooling depends on factors outside the school, specifically on the home environment, the socio-economic status of parents, parents’ education particularly the mother’s, and the learning resources available at home. Of the remaining one-third, teacher quality and leadership at school are believed to be the most important factors. Basically assessment and evaluation systems are quality measures that cater a number of requirements of the education system. These can be used as a black box for the assessment and evaluation of the overall system efficiency as well as individual student’s performance in the education system. A comprehensive assessment design would provide the feedback for improvements at all tiers starting from implying changes in the classroom to improvements in the national systems.

History of PEAS can be categorized into three phases:

Phase-I (February, 2002 to September, 2002)
Provincial Education Assessment Center (PEACE) was established by the Government of Punjab (School Wing), the Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Education (MoE) through National Education Assessment System (NEAS) Project from International Development Association (IDA) Credit and Department for International Development (DFID) Grant in the province of Punjab in 2002.

Phase-II (September, 2002 to September, 2005)
PEACE became constituent part of a newly established University of Education (September, 2002) and offered degree programme in Assessment (M.Sc in Assessment).

Phase-III (September 2005 to-date)
PEACE was redesigned as PEAS (Punjab Education Assessment System) under the administrative control of the Government of Punjab, School Education Department.