PEAS is involved in identifying students’ learning achievement level through assessment and research since 2005 for Mathematics, Language, Science and Social Studies. PEAS has introduced students proficiency levels (poor, basic, proficient, and advance) for reporting results of assessment.

District-Wide Large Scale Assessment (2009- 2011)
PEAS has conducted District Wide Large Scale Assessment (D-WLSA 2009-2011) study for Grade-IV students for Mathematics, Language (Urdu) and Social Studies. View Details..

Communication & Dissemination of Results
Keeping in view of the past experience PEAS has produced Result Report based on findings of D-WLSA (2009-2011). In addition to this, a number of other communication means (which includes thematic report, technical report, handouts, pamphlet/leaflet, brochure, working group discussion meetings, presentations and flier etc.) intend to prepare in consultation with the key stakeholders which will be shared and disseminated to all the stakeholders in nine divisional conferences. View Details..